Vegan Totchos

If you have not already caught on to this, I love meals with layers topped upon layers that I can eat together with a fork from a bowl 🙂 Here’s another one of those. Totchos are bascially nachos on Tots. Ingredients Tots Vegan Cheeze Pinto Beans Beyond Meat Crumbles Salsa Romaine Lettuce Tomatoes Avocado CuminContinue reading “Vegan Totchos”

Avocado Toast

Ingredients Avocado Spinach or other greens Cilantro Red Onion Salt Pepper Cumin Powder Red Chili Powder Cinnamon Other optional seasonings: Everything Bagel Seasoning, crushed red pepper flakes, oregano Bread Steps Toast a slice of bread Slice 1/8 medium red onion and set aside Slice 1/2 medium tomato and set aside Cut avocado in half, removeContinue reading “Avocado Toast”

Vegan Black Bean Avocado Brownies

These were literally thrown together and I even had run out of baking powder (did not know that could happen) so I improvised. These still turned out amazing and just as good as when I have made them in the past. Adapted from @ambitiouskitchen Ingredients Black Beans Avocado Ground Flaxseed (for flax eggs*) Coconut OilContinue reading “Vegan Black Bean Avocado Brownies”